Jugg ‘Shiesty’ Mask - Charcoal Grey

Jugg ‘Shiesty’ Mask - Charcoal Grey

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The Jugg ‘Shiesty’ mask offers a range of different ways it can be worn/used. It can be worn as an open or closed balaclava. The ‘Shiesty’ mask offers the option to cover your face with only your eyes showing or can be worn under your chin with your face showing but your head and neck still covered. The length of this mask is longer than the usual which allows you to tuck it into your hoody or jacket for example which allows extra warmth and keeps wind out. 

Suitable for cold weathers and also multiple activities such as skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, running, climbing, hiking, tactical training and other outdoor activities.

100% Polyester.

Wash on cold wash.