About Us

Jugg is a word used to describe the art of grafting. Jugg is an abbreviation of the word Juggin. It doesn’t matter how you are getting it as long as you are focused and grafting hard, you are Juggin. The clothing brand Jugg was established in 2017 and was created to acknowledge people worldwide who are grafting hard to achieve their aspirations in life.

When working towards being successful in life you must work extremely hard, keep focused on your goal, keep progressing and never lose focus in other words JUGGIN. We were inspired to create the brand Jugg as it is apart of everyday lifestyle. It consists of being focused and working hard everyday to achieve long term goals. No matter how hard it may seem never give up and keep Juggin. It’s more than a brand it’s a lifestyle.

Jugg Clothing LTD
20 - 22 Wenlock Road.